Driving around in a clean, shiny car feels good. When performing basic auto maintenance, however, most Albany drivers never address the grime that's collecting under their vehicles' hoods. At Capital Volvo Cars of Albany, we want all local motorists to have a comprehensive understanding of good automotive care, including how to clean their cars' engines.

Pick The Right Day

Although your engine isn't directly exposed to the elements, a considerable amount of dirt, dust, and other debris can find its way under the hood. To get rid of it, start by picking the right day. The weather should be warm and outside humidity levels should be low. This will allow the engine bay to dry quickly and thoroughly once your work is done.

Start With A Cool Engine And Finish With A Dry One

If you've just used your vehicle, let the engine cool down for approximately 15 minutes. When the unit is sufficiently cool to touch, remove any plastic cover that houses it. This can be washed and dried separately. Be sure to cover all ignition wires and other electrical components before applying a quality degreasing agent. Once your degreaser and gentle scrubbing motions have stripped all visible dirt and grime away, you should rinse the area thoroughly and use compressed air or a soft cloth to dry it. For professional auto servicing, come see us at Capital Volvo Cars of Albany now.


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