Tires can tear apart on the road without warning. It happens. What also happens the tires provide definitive signs that they require replacing. Wear and tear combined with age and other issues indicate the tires need to go. Dry rot and low treads, in particular, indicate a severe problem. So would the inability for the tires to maintain the appropriate pressure.

Perform a check of the tires periodically. Measure the tread depth to ensure it is safe. Look for bulges and blisters. When you see such apparent problems, take the car to get new tires. The old ones might blowout soon.

If you aren't sure about what you're looking at, ask a service technician. Bring the car to our dealership, where the team in Albany can check it out. They can do so during an oil change or a tire rotation.

Ask about wheel alignments, too. Poor alignments can wreck tires. Thankfully, Capital Volvo Cars of Albany can help you with many different service requests.


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