Here at your friendly local dealership, we are known for helping drivers like you to maximize safety. An easy way to make this happen is to shield your eyes from the harmful effects of high beam headlights.

During night travel, headlights set to the highest levels can easily interfere with your vision. Special auto-dimming rear view mirrors can prevent this dangerous occurrence. These mirrors make use of components that include special gels, mirrors, processors, and sensors to work their magic. The sensors in the mirrors can detect the presence of high headlight beams. They can then relay this information to microprocessors that send electrical charges through the special gels. These gels darken in response, and along the way they can dim incoming lights and protect your eyes.

Here at our dealership, you can check out this technology for yourself with a test drive of one of our many equipped vehicles. Contact us today to see why auto-dimming mirrors are the wave of the future.


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