Keeping Your Family Safe with Proper Winter Tires

Winter presents some of the most challenging driving of the year. Thus, you must be fully prepared and have your vehicle appropriate outfitted for the winter season. This includes making sure you've the most suitable tires on your vehicle.

There are three common types of winter tires to select from. These include studded tires that do come complete with actual studs built into the tread. There are studless ice and snow tires that perform well in winter conditions and don't have studs in the treads. Finally, there are performance tires that are well-suited for cold weather and lesser amounts of snow and ice.

If you need your car winterized, including swapping tires for the season, visit us at Capital Volvo Cars of Albany. We are located conveniently in Albany and our friendly team will ensure that your fully prepared and completely outfitted with proper winter tires.


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