Smooth Performance of the Volvo XC90 R-Design

Volvo works hard to make sure their vehicles are safe and functional. They have just recently started to focus on performance models like the XC90 R-Design and our team in Albany thinks that they hit it out of the park.

Volvo is the only manufacturer that allows you to pick the sporty trim and then decide which engine you want to put in it. You can have the R-Design with either FWD or AWD and it can be had with one of three engines. The T5 powertrain is the base option and it is perfect for people that only want the performance SUV looks. If you step up to the T6 you get AWD as standard and a respectable amount of power. Finally, with the T8 trim, you get a plug-in hybrid system that allows you to be more powerful and more efficient than the other trims.

You can stop by Capital Volvo Cars of Albany if you want help deciding which trim works best for your lifestyle. Once you pick out your favorite powertrain we recommend taking it out for a joyride.



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