Drive More Efficiently with the 2019 Volvo V90

Fuel and power efficiency continues to drive automotive transmission and engine designs. The 2019 Volvo V90 is a luxury wagon that showcases the latest innovations devised by Volvo's engineers including driving modes and the Geartronic Automatic Transmission.

The Volvo V90 is a wagon designed to tackle a variety of driving and road conditions. To tailor its handling to road conditions and your driving style, Volvo provides a Drive Mode setting that includes Comfort, Off-Road, Eco, Individual, and Dynamic. Each mode sets the way the Volvo V90's suspension, transmission, and engine respond as you drive.

The advanced Geartronic transmission features 8-speed, automatic shifting that ensures a smooth experience on different road surfaces and optimal fuel efficiency. If you prefer to have full control of a vehicle's gear shifting, you can switch to manual transmission mode for a more dynamic driving experience.



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