Explore Volvo V90 Safety Technology

Safety is something car lovers want and need in Albany and all over the world. It is definitely something that gets us at Capital Volvo Cars of Albany excited because we want our customers to feel safe in their vehicles. Volvo is an automaker after our own hearts, and it shows this with the importance it gives to safety.

The V90 Safety Tech

Okay, so what makes the V90 so special?

Padded Interior

Volvo has developed a way to insert energy absorbing material in the V90. This material distributes the energy of an impact making it much less devastating should it ever happen.

Driver Alert

The Driver Alert System analyzes the way you drive and is able to tell if you are driving while drowsy or inattentive. The system will warn you of this with a series of messages and sounds. It will suggest that you take a break just to be safe.

You have these two reasons and more to take the V90 out for a test drive.



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