Safety is the Volvo S60's Top Priority

When purchasing a car, many people may wonder what the most important feature is and many could make a strong case for what a vehicle offers in safety. With the Volvo S60, a compact sedan that is popular due to its luxury, drivers are sure to find a range of safety features to love.

Some of the car's best features are designed to aid in preventing potential collisions. One of these features is the City Safety Collision Avoidance technology, which monitors traffic, including pedestrians and other cars, and provides braking warnings and automatic braking is necessary. Automatic braking after a collision goes hand-in-hand with this collision avoidance and helps drivers maintain control in the event of an accident. This feature also helps to mitigate potential harm after an accident happens.

Safety should always come first when driving. Come try out the Volvo S60's safety features for yourself by visiting Capital Volvo Cars of Albany and setting up a test drive.


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