Take Care of Your Vehicle’s Exterior with Regular Washing

As a vehicle owner, you probably don’t consider washing your vehicle to be as important as other types of maintenance, but there are many reasons why washing your car, truck or van can preserve its appearance and protect your investment. Capital Volvo Cars of Albany is staffed by a team that wants to see you get the most from your vehicle, and we offer the following facts on why it’s critical to keep your car neat and clean.

Regularly removing dirt and grime can prevent small scratches that eventually mar a vehicle’s finish. Salt and other chemicals can also lead to rust and corrosion, but these substances are generally rinsed away during regular washing.

Having a dirty vehicle can present a safety hazard if the windshield and windows are covered with dirt and dust. Dirt and grime can even contribute to reduced fuel efficiency by interfering with the smooth flow of air around the vehicle.



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